Are Shiva and God synonymous? ~ Members Q & A with Shunyamurti

December 28, 2019

One of our online Members recently asked the following question to Shunyamurti:

When you speak of union with Shiva, are Shiva and God synonymous? Or is Shiva an intermediary similar to Jesus for Christians? To you, exactly what does Shiva represent? Does the worship of Shiva not identify your teachings with an Indian religion rather than them being more of a non-religious yet spiritual nature?  



Shunyamurti Responds:

Shiva is the most ancient term in the history of the world for the Absolute. The Absolute is beyond any concept of God. The name actually means Zero. This understanding of the nature of the Absolute as Nothingness that contains All is the original teaching of Sat Yoga many thousands of years ago.