The 3 Forces That Guide Consciousness

October 29, 2019


Excerpt: And through the belief of that form being a world, the conditions of time and space and matter and energy became configured by consciousness, that then became a space for the working out of the karma of the person. But the consciousness is not a person, nor a body, nor a piece of matter, or even energy, and once that is understood then none of the supposed qualities—either of the material form or of the personality, the karma, the history of that person’s biography—have anything to do with you any longer. You are freed from the bondage that that identification created, that produces suffering, storms of guilt, of shame, of anxiety, of gender confusion—of all kinds of psychopathologies that result from the identification with the material vehicle that itself is only a configuration of consciousness—it’s only made of divine light, as is all of the holographic simulation....




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Sat Yogis are those who are dedicated to becoming masters of consciousness. And every meditation is an experiment in which consciousness is palpated to discover its qualities, its powers, its latent potentialities, and to learn how to bring consciousness to ever higher levels of vibrational frequency, until there is perfect resonance with the Absolute Source of consciousness.


And although we speak of the need to disidentify from the body in order to know consciousness as it is in itself, it is actually a simple letting go of the projection of consciousness into the body. So, it