The Ego Moth Must Burn in the Blissful Flame

October 1, 2019

Excerpt: And yet the moth orbits around the flame and doesn’t go into it for some time, because it knows at some other level that there is destruction, pain, the agony of its own death, and yet it cannot but continue to be drawn into the light. And as it gets closer to the light, its love grows in accord with its fear, and the love and the fear become one, and at some point the moth cannot live without becoming one with the flame. And in that moment that the moth enters the flame and that its wings are set on fire, and its whole body is taken over by the combustion of the flame—at that moment—just for one instant—the moth knows what it is to be the flame. But then there is only the flame, and no more moth....





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Sat Yoga is silence. No words can express the ultimate Truth that we all seek because that Truth is the silence of the self that seeks, and because the self that seeks is only words, the silence is the annihilation of the seeker, and the revelation of that which is sought, which is the silence itself.


And so although you must use words to try to communicate that which is world-less—the words are like the moth that is lost in the darkness—and when the moth finally discovers the candle flame, then the words that the moth would speak begin to be about the flame. But the moth knows nothing about the flame except that it is drawn to it, and that the