From Meaning to Truth: From Duality to Nonduality

September 2, 2019


Excerpt: And so to shift from meaning to Truth is to shift from duality to nonduality. And once that shift is made then what happens immediately is that one loses all fear, because what all fear comes down to is the fear of the other’s projection upon oneself, as being unworthy of existence. It is this fear of the projection of the other that can lead to rejection, abandonment, and all of the other existential consequences that are so terrifying to the individual ego that can only be surmounted by the recognition that there is no ego at all...




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The primary purpose of Sat Yoga is to enable consciousness to shift from illusion to the Real.


But the actual shifting is not what is important—what is important is what is learned from the effort to make such a shift, and the shift of focus turns out to require a disenfranchisement of the dimension of meaning in favor of that of Truth. And that’s really the reason why it’s so important to mediate at 4am—it’s that dedication to something which is not comfortable and has no prescribed meaning, but which leads to the truth of the Real, through one’s willingness to become the embodiment of what is Real.


But if one, instead of doing that, is sitting in this room and going over various meanings in one’s mind, then one is not meditating. So what needs to be understood is t