The Practice of Surrender

June 5, 2019

Questioner (Paramanand): I have a question for Shunya regarding the practice of surrender to God. I haven't really figured out the mechanics of surrender in moment to moment existence. How should I actually be offering myself to God moment by moment?


Shunyamurti’s Reply: Dear Paramanand,


To answer your question on the mechanics of the practice of surrender to God, I would say the following:


1. First, you must determine what you mean by God. To Whom or What are you seeking to surrender? Are you clear on that?

2. Second, you must determine what you mean by surrender. What do you have to surrender?

3. Third, you must determine who you are who is going to perform this act of surrender.

4.Fourth, you may find it more motivating if you know why you are interested in surrendering to God and what you will receive in return.


So now, let us go back and try to answer these questions. Presumably, by God you mean the Source and First Principle of Being, or the Supreme Real. In Western metaphysics, God is referred to as the Ens Necessarium, the One Necessary Being (as all the rest are contingent). And what could that Necessary Being consist of except the absolute simplicity and immediacy of Pure Awareness? In other words, God can be no other than the Presence, the Self-Awareness that is prior to thought. All thought is contingent, but Presence is necessary. In Biblical terms, God is the Real “I am” before the thought “I am” emerges. The thought leads to elaboration in the form of “I am this” or “I am that” but the “I am I” that is prior to thought is complete and transcendent of all contexts and all possible worlds. Therefore, the term God is equivalent to the term Self. In other words, you are asking about how to surrender to your Self.


Now, if God is none other than your Self, what do you have to surrender except you