How Do Nondual Teachings Help Me?

March 9, 2015

Question: One thing about teaching like this, and that of Tony Parsons, teaching basically “there’s nothing to do, nowhere to go, you’re already there, you can stop searching”: it’s pleasant to listen to, but how does it help the person who just wants to eliminate stress/fear/unpleasant emotions from their experience?  I look at “enlightenment”, “awakening” or whatever you want to call it, and think “how wonderful would it be, to know that whatever happens in my life, if I lose my job and my bills pile up and I can’t pay my rent and go homeless, to know that none of it would ever bother me on an emotional level.  To know that I’ll feel calm and blissful through all of it because I know none of it matters.”  I’m a person who lives in fear of unpleasant experiences, situations, etc. because of the unpleasant emotions I experience.  How does teaching like this help a person like me?


Shunyamurti’s Reply: The teaching of absolute non-duality is only immediately helpful to those seekers who are fully mature and ripe for liberation from the egoic illusion. In order to accelerate the ripening, a gradual path of deconstruction of the illusion is also offered. What really acts as rocket fuel for a seeker, however, is to receive the teachings live in person from the spiritual guide, in the energy field of Transcendent Truth and Shakti, in an ashram community full of advanced yogis. This environment and context melts through the ego’s defenses like a hot knife through butter, and easily dissolves all anxieties, sorrows, anger, and egoic fixations and delusions. An immersion retreat in such a vibrational field of luminous power can be worth a lifetime of merely intellectual groping toward higher Truth. The teachings are simply the carrier wave of the Real Transmission, which must remain secret because it cannot be described.