The Trauma of Love

October 4, 2012

Love is the essential trauma. Love arises as a rupture of reality, destabilizing all that had been known. The secret formula understood by the great tantra masters is the mixture of love, desire, self-restraint and recognition (discernment, or viveka, leading to withdrawal of projections). This is the recipe for an atmic bomb. The atman is what makes us tick. The time bomb ticks with the talk of love, the God that is love.


God has always only been a word for the explosion of brutally beatific consciousness that annihilates the ego. The trigger for this explosion is love. But the explosion is also ignited by the ineluctable awareness of synchronicity and the unsurpassable intelligence sublating the universe, seeing full-on the inauthenticity of the ego and all its projects, propelling the well-deserved self-shattering of its world through internal schisms and disowned betrayals. But God is also bliss, joy everlasting and overflowing. Is joy, too, a trauma?


As any psychotherapist can testify, the ego holds onto its refusal of joy at all costs. It will fight for its irrational justifications for anger and hatred to the death. Because joy spells the death of the ego, and the freedom from its prison, through the bending of the bars of representation that open a space for transcendent Mind, that is terrifying to the consciousness disunited from its Source. For such a weak false consciousness—yet one that shields itself with the defiance that comes from identification with its superego demands—the refusal of the shattering approach of God warrants cutting off all channels of joyous awareness of the Supreme Real.


God’s laughter is always echoing from just beyond the event horizon of the ego. The laughter cuts both ways, revealing the ego’s world as a spectral effluence of light projecting through the filters of the unconscious and superconscious imagoes our demonic yet divine dreamfield matrix. The light of God, even when reduced to a single ray by the ego’s negativity, shines its spotlight intensely upon the ego as usurious usurper of the kingdom of the One. Its conscience burns, traumatized by the sweet supernal light. The ego cannot face God and live. Its writhing rejection of Bein