Beyond Identifications

February 19, 2012

Excerpt: Silence doesn't really have a charge, in fact it is the absence of all charge. It begins usually with serenity, and that deepens into a very deep sense of peace and well-being; then, happiness emerges from that and blossoms into joy. The heart opens to that joy and then the flow of Divine Love emerges until there is the overflow into bliss. So we have to sit long enough to allow the full experience, full realization and stabilize in it, and not have even the trace of an "I-thought" thinking this is happening to me, but complete silence, so that you are it. If there is still an "I-thought" that is containing it, or judging it, or evaluating it, it will hold down the experience to a shallow level. So there has to be a complete surrender and melting into it, and then there indeed is a charge, very powerful. (Event: Divine Love is Real Retreat)