This is the Mother of All Rites of Passage!

February 13, 2011

When we think of creating new rites of passage, we must remember that we are in the midst of the greatest rite of passage of all time, and we are in urgent danger of failing to pass. Failure will mean the end of life, as we know it, on Planet Earth. Of course, so will success.


We cannot design rites that will help us through this ultimate level of passage, unless we ourselves have gone through the passage. But in this Mother of all rites of passage we are all on our own. No guides to the next level exist. The established religions have lost their authority and power. New religious movements may help a few people, but usually they are based on far too limited a vision of the Real, and easily become corrupted into egoic power trips.


The lack of authentic and relevant rites of passage is an essential component of the rite of passage in which we are now struggling. We must begin our effort to understand our situation by recognizing that the world is a school for souls, and the current world scenario is the final exam for us at our present level of consciousness development. The exam itself is meant to raise our consciousness to the next level.


We are now in the perilous passage between one Kalpa and another, the end of one planetary cycle of time (Plato called it the Great Year) and the beginning of the next. It is the moment in which humans must pass from ego-consciousness to an infinitely higher level and kind of consciousness that is so new it has no name. In earlier times, we could have called it God-consciousness in some cultures, or Buddha-consciousness or Emptiness or the Tao, for example, in others. But because of our current splintered and multi-religious social context, no single term resonates with accurate meaning for everyone, and those old terms carry too much obsolete baggage, and not enough reference to the interdimensional quantum world in which we now know we dwell. Perhaps the most common denominator for what we must