Forming a Healthy Ego?

July 28, 2009

This video is a response to the following question: "I have a question regarding childhood education, of all of us. We have all received an education by our fathers and mothers, which has in a way strengthened our ego. I, as a mother, raised my children by saying to them, Yes you can; you are intelligent; you will succeed! because the child needs this to enter to school, in society, and this is what forms the ego. But what happens to that child if we don´t communicate this message of self-confidence to it, at the moment that it has to enter in society? If I would have a child today, how should I raise it? If the child suffers from insecurity or shyness, and one begins to create this atmosphere around it so it feels safe, so that it can grow securely, but if one does not do this, if one does not strengthen its ego, how can the child enter and function in society?"