New Sat Yamas and Niyamas 

New Sat Yamas and Niyamas

Shunyamurti has downloaded from Source a new set of advanced Yamas and Niyamas for committed Sat Yogis. These are more directly relevant for the highest levels of spiritual attainment. The Sat Yoga Wisdom School is divided into two levels. The first level, the 

Trivium, still employs the old Yamas and Niyamas. But when a yogi enters the advanced level, the Quadrivium, then the Sat Yamas and Niyamas must be internalized.



Yama 1: No ego.

The falseness of the ego is clear. Its duplicity, bad faith, and self-sabotage are well known from experience. It is unreal and non-existent. So our vow is to jettison the narrative voice of the ego from the mind. The emptying out of the ego voice reveals the larger presence of the Buddha Mind.


Yama 2: No context.

Accept the ego’s death and keep going inward, annihilating the tendency of ego thought production, until attainment of complete de-contextualization. All is revealed in full Innocence, Truth and Beauty.


Yama 3: Abide as Absolute.

Once the ego is not, the Absolute Real, the Intelligence of the Supreme Beingness operates the consciousness.


Yama 4: Aloneness.

Consciousness must accept Its final and complete aloneness. And through that, the realization emerges of all-one-ness, the ultimate unification.


Yama 5: Timeless Presence.

One infinite all-pervading pure eternal presence is Real. The unreal is absent.




Niyama 1: Inner silence.

It will become effortless, but until then, when necessary, make effort to keep the mind silent.


Niyama 2: No identity.

Refuse all forms of identity. Return to the tabula rasa. The past is unreal, so any identity that covered the pure presence of the Self dissolves in the energy field of Truth.


Niyama 3: No projections.

The vow is to withdraw all projections, predications and preconceptions, along with the removal of all introjections. All will be perceived as it really is, the manifestation of the Mind of God. And all beings will be recognized as divine embodiments.


Niyama 4: Remain always on the Lotus Throne.

Refuse to re-enter the realm of maya. Remain on the Lotus Throne of God-consciousness. Cut all attachments. Do not accept the projections of others who may remain in ego states. Have no relationship that is not with God. Renounce all illusory relationships based on false identity. Don’t go back. Don’t look back. Do not use the old signifiers of the biological family system, or the cultural, social or religious system. Remain free in the Truth of your Being.

Niyama 5: Be Real Now.

Do not wait. Do not make this a process. Realization is instantaneous and timelessly present. It is felt as Sat Chit Ananda—the Power of True Being, the Clear Intelligence of the Supreme Source, and the Bliss of Supernal Light and Love. You are That Now.

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